Church Picnic 2010

Roanoake Christian Service Camp

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Alex and Ginger.JPG

and we ate some more.JPG

and we ate.JPG

Archie and Tommy.JPG

Archie throwing those horseshoes!.JPG

Archie, Kayla, and Rodney.JPG

Caitlyn and Rodney.JPG




Cathy, Donna and Kayla.JPG


Chicken fight anyone.JPG


Cody and Carson 2.JPG

Diane and Teresa.JPG

Doug, Reg and Wiley playing some golf game...of course!.JPG

Eatin' some pig.JPG

Erik pitching horseshoes.JPG

Erik trying to distract the other team with his white legs!.JPG

Every good game must have a cheering section!.JPG

Faith and Lois...eating.JPG

Get it, Dwayne!.JPG

Gettin' some pig.JPG

Gonna lay down my burden_ down by the riverside!.JPG

Good Crowd.JPG

Gotta find a seed, gotta find a seed!.JPG

Hey, Dwayne!.JPG

Hughes, Shirley and Doug.JPG

Ivy and friends.JPG

Ivy taking her best shot.JPG


Kids in the pool.JPG

LaRue and Erik.JPG

Lunch Crowd 1.JPG

Lunch Crowd Stampede.JPG

Lunch Crowd.JPG

Marjory and Rebecca.JPG

Marjory, Helen and Linda.JPG

Mervin and Wiley.JPG

Mike and Kathy watchin' over Christian.JPG



More kids in the pool.JPG

Mrs. Marie spittin' seeds...who knew!.JPG

Ramona and Mike.JPG

Raymond and Gary.JPG


Rebecca and Vermelle.JPG

Rebecca, Vermelle, Marjory and Marie.JPG

Reg, Gary and Doug.JPG

Rodney and Marie.JPG

Rodney and Shelia.JPG

Steve and Vermein.JPG

Still eating!.JPG

Swim Time.JPG

Teresa and crowd.JPG

Tommy H. and Erik against Archie and Tommy P. Hmmmmm.....JPG

Tommy P. and Tommy H..JPG

Tommy... yep... that's it...just Tommy.JPG

Up, Up we go!.JPG

Watch me flip backwords!.JPG

Watermelon seed spitting contest! Show 'em how it's done, D.JPG

We ate.JPG

We made it!.JPG

Wiley and Anna.JPG